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November 3, 2011

Cartoonist Susie Cagle Arrested At Occupy Oakland

I hope she's all right. You can find the recent permutations of Cagle's saga told in first person, limited-character per burst form at her Twitter feed, with the last pair indicating she's been taken off to jail. Cagle's been covering the Oakland version of the multi-city Occupy event, where there's been an inordinate amount of violent and violent-seeming action taken by local authorities. That they would pick up an embedded journalist is discouraging and outrageous in the extreme. This wouldn't be the first time Cagle's seen some action at the event, having been tear-gassed previously. You can read about the background of Cagle's effort and her intentions here. If anyone out there knows any way to help, such as raising bail money -- that makes me mad to even type that --
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