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November 23, 2005

Cartoonists and Their Rights Round-Up

A few wide-ranging takes on the nature of copyright in comics and the artist's right to keep them all kind of converged on Wednesday morning. Game developers have forged their own Bill of Rights after being inspired by the cartoonists' version of same. The great Komikero Comics Journal site has a nice discussion on the matter in reference to a local copyright law, while in Jordan a cartoonist protects his copyright by running a newspaper ad and pursuing offenders in court. If cartoonists are becoming more cognizant and protective of their copyrights in the notoriously difficult to safeguard Middle East region of the world, there's definitely a change in the air.

Speaking of overfseas, in today's quick links it's noted that Marvel has hired a royalties processor. This could conceivably be read to indicate that company is about to become that much more aggressive with pursuing individual licensing deals around the world.
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