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March 28, 2007

Chris Butcher Vs. Generation Entitlement

Actually, the retailer, sometimes-creator and frequent industry commentator's encounter with a young woman and aspiring artist is a lot less confrontational and a lot more encouraging than the title makes it sound. The underlying issue is a compelling one, no matter how you phrase it. It should be interesting to see how a generation of teens and early twenty-somethings will develop into accomplished artists coming of age in an era that has somehow managed to ascribe more significant cultural value to the act of stepping out of a car while flashing one's cooch -- or in less crude terms, how one gets past making art that offers status within a circle of friends and family and into the habit of making art that will, as much as the world allows, have wider, lasting value.

The best moment of Butcher's advice is when he goes beyond noting that focused dedication to improvement can bring about better results to underscore that such dedication can be an extension of the initial enthusiasm that drove the person. Too many people talking to young artists place an emphasis on stopping one direction before moving in another, and I think a lot of younger people never get past the stop part.
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