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April 11, 2006

Coley's John Blackburn Passes Away

imageI don't have any information other than this press release re-run by Heidi MacDonald yesterday, but it seems that Eros Comics mainstay John Blackburn died earlier this month from a sudden illness. Blackburn was the author of the various "Coley" series, and used what looked to me like a late-underground bigfoot style for figure drawing combined with elements of more traditional comics illustration in his books. My reading of Blackburn's work is really limited, but unlike a lot of comics from Eros and other porn comics publishers where there seemed to be some amount of distance between the author and the work, which often expressed itself through disdainful humor, there always seemed an element of honesty in Blackburn's books, as realized in their straightforward explorations of psychological elements behind the physical connections he depicted. Blackburn may have lived in Los Angeles; I think he attended at least one convention in San Diego. If I'm thinking of the right person, he seemed quiet and shy, and not at all the age where one might be expected to succumb to sudden illness.
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