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April 4, 2008

Collective Memory: Siegel Family Wins A Claim To Superman Copyrights Based On Action Comics #1


Links to accounts, news stories and analysis regarding the court decision March 26, 2008 awarding the family of writer Jerry Siegel a part of the Superman copyright based on the work that appeared in Action Comics #1

This entry will continue to be updated for as long as people


Institutional and General Information
Jerry Siegel's 1975 Press Release
Scans From Action Comics #1
Older Conde Nast Article

Blog Entries
Alan David Doane

Bitacora de Vuelo

Chris Butcher

Dirk Deppey
Don MacPherson

James Vance
Jeff Trexler: Superman Surprise
Jeff Trexler: Copyright, Trademark and Superman
Jeff Trexler: Superman's Dreaded Deadline Doom
+ Jeff Trexler: How Creators Get Their Copyright Back
Jeff Trexler: The Miraculous Return of Jerry Siegel

Mark Evanier 01
Mark Evanier 02

Mainstream Art

Neil Gaiman
Nikki Finke
Noah Berlatsky

Occasional Superheroine

Rick Veitch

Sean Kleefeld
+ Steven Grant

The Beat 01
The Beat 02
The Beat 03

Warren Ellis
William Patry

Message Boards
Image Comics
Siegel Ruling Message Board
The Comic Forums

TCJ's 1999 Article About Lawsuit Filing
Letter From Jerry Siegel Reigniting Rights Struggle 01
Letter From Jerry Siegel About Reigniting Rights Struggle 02

News Stories and Columns
Animation Magazine

Blogging Stocks

CBR: Interview With Brendan McFeely
Cinema Blend
Comic Book Resources
ComicMix (Mike Gold's Analysis)
Conde Nast Portfolio

Dallas Morning News
Den of Geek

eNews 2.0

Hollywood Portal

LA Times

Metropolitan News-Enterprise

Newsarama: Initial News Brief
Newsarama: Tom Bondurant's Analysis
New York
New York Times

Poughkeepsie Journal

Rotten Tomatoes

SyFy Portal

The Celebrity Cafe
The Feed
The Oregonian
The Trades
Toon Zone

Uncivil Society FAQ
Uncivil Society: Why DC Isn't Doomed


Alan Light Photo Of Jerry Siegel 01
Alan Light Photo Of Jerry Siegel 02
IrishDave5000 Photo Of Jerry Siegel


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