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April 28, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* Josh Bayer's crowd-funder for the latest issue of Suspect Device is the highest-profile one I can see with time running out a bit, although any crowd-funder that gets past the halfway point has a decent chance to succeed. That's been a home for a lot of younger talent, particularly in the New York City scene, so you might want to check that one out. Plus the video is amusing.

image* Dave Sim has launched another kickstarter. I didn't quite understand the High Society one Sim did as evidenced by the fact I did not get quite what I thought I was getting when I made the order -- which is my fault -- and this one looks similarly complex so I'll suggest you read it carefully. This FAQ section might help. Crowdfunding seems like it would be really good for Sim because of his passionated fanbase and the ability to provide goods and services to them directly without -- depending on how something is constructed -- risking a significant and hard to recaputure capital outlay, so I wish him the best.

* Martian Comics is a crowd-funder we mentioned early on because of a tweet from contributing cover artist Darick Robertson. Unless something has changed over the weekend -- this is being written on Friday -- it has some work to do heading into its final week.

* the Supernatural Law fundraiser seems to moving at a brisk clip. Everyone I know is fond of Batton Lash.

* this Abraham Lincoln-related crowd-funder has yet to find significant traction. This store-related campaign isn't far enough along for me to be confident of its successes at this point.

* the Doug Wright Awards crowd-funder is more than halfway along, which bodes well, as we get down into single digit days remaining. This one is counting on a bunch of specific incentives, so take a spin around there and see if anything strikes your eye.

* finally, this modestly-conceived Steve Ditko crowd-funder has reached its goal, but you can still get on board.
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