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November 2, 2015

Comics By Request: People, Projects in Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* written mis-step on my part: this Revenger crowd-funding quickie is its own thing; the Bergen Street Comics book will be a collection of past material, not this stuff. Looks like that one is well in hand.

* hey, let's check in on Frankie Santoro and his quest to develop a physical school in conjunction with his on-line course. He's funded, with about 10 days left; that's great. I hope people will still consider giving, but I'm grateful for all the giving so far. If nothing else, I want to see what happens with this one.

* the Weakly Comics crew remains hopeful, with a bunch of time left. That seems like a modest request for a comic with some great creators in it.

* here's an explanation of the various Cerebus fundraisers. I think that's maybe somewhat aimed at me grousing that they were incomprehensible. I'm still not sure in a broader sense why we can't have super-smart looking editions of the four best Cerebus sub-works in bookstores or why this project needs a complicated fundraiser when I'm not familiar with projects of a similar, proportional nature, but I do have a sense of what they're doing now. A strength of that work as a publishing phenomenon is its hardcore fandom, and this certainly allows them to participate.

* Douglas Klauba is making a pulp-images calendar and asked nicely if it could be included here.

* finally, Mimi Pond is among the cartoonists contributing to this crowd-funded humor magazine, apparently in the tradition of classic magazine that they contributors worked on and/or admired. The stretch goals look fun.
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