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November 16, 2015

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding


By Tom Spurgeon

* I don't usually run an image up top, but Rob Kirby reminded me that Northwest Press is running a kickstarter right now. They are one of the few LGBT-devoted publishers out there, they have five years under the belt and they're asking for what seems like a modest amount for two publications. I hope you'll consider their project.

* I also don't check in with projects when they fade, but I wanted to note this one because eventually they promise a second stab at it.

* another project from the Philly crowd that's done gangbusters so far but you should know about is a book project publishing over 100 pages of lost, never-seen Will Eisner comics from when he was a young man.

image* Steve Rude and Mike Baron are celebrating the 35th anniversary of their Nexus with a few projects, including this crowd-funded compendium book.

* this collection of Shadoweyes material will be funded no matter what readers of CR do (I bet there are more than a few already involved of course), but Sophie Campbell is a really interesting cartoonist and this work has a lot of narrative force to it so I hope you'll stop by.

* it looks like Peow will make their targeted funding goal, which is great because they're awesome. I haven't looked at that one yet, but I'll be checking it out simply from a "I will likely want something offered here" perspective.

* this one for two volumes of Kickstand Comics is another idiosyncratic, worthy project that looks destined to make its initial goal in the very near future.

* here's the ongoing Cerebus project, already way over its goal.

* finally, congratulations to Frank Santoro. Can't wait to see that up and running. I'm still finding these postcards he left all over my house.

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