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November 23, 2015

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* it looks like the crowd-funder for Northwest Press will be right up against to the end. That's one of comics' few LGBT-devoted publishers, and that seems like a modest, reasonable amount of money for a publisher to ask for assistance on two projects. You, of course, can decide that on your own. I just hope you'll visit and consider it.

image* with slightly more time but slightly more funding to cover in its last week is the Nexus Compendium project, part of plans Mike Baron and Steve Rude have for their creation in its anniversary year and beyond. The latest Cerebus project is well over its first selected limits. Both of those comics were iconic for a generation of readers that came of age in the 1980s.

* congratulations to the Shadoweyes Vol. 1 project for surpassing its initial goal. That should result in an extremely attractive book.

* I also don't check in with projects when they fade, but I wanted to note this one because eventually they promise a second stab at it.

* about a half-dozen CR readers were on me to provide some support to the Peow crowd-funder, which has roared past its initial goal with several days left. People feel very optimistic about that publisher. The Kickstand Comics crowd-funder is in a similar position.

* if your family is like mine and you take part of Thanksgiving weekend to strategize about year-end giving, I hope that you'll keep comics' non-profits in mind or at least realize that that gifting such a rich source of funding that they might bother you a bit more than usual.

* finally, the Lost Work Of Will Eisner project is way over its initial goal. I mention it here because that's something with which CR readers might want to be on board given Eisner's place in the historical firmament.
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