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February 7, 2013

Comics By Request Extra: Hernandez Brothers Collection

James Bucky Carter from UTEP asked that I run the following message about fundraising efforts on behalf of the Hernandez Brothers Collection Of Hispanic Comics And Cartoon Art.
"You can help support The Hernandez Brothers Collection of Hispanic Comics and Cartoon Art at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), which is named after Jaime, Gilbert and Mario Hernandez and has as its mission the preservation and sharing of comics materials from or featuring Hispanics/Latino/as/Chicana/os. Jaime Hernandez allowed me to print a limited run of an 8 by 11.5 image of Maggie the Mechanic in support of the collection, which was founded with a generous donation from Fantagraphics and has already accrued nearly $1800 in donations from around the world. You can have a print of your own by making a donation. See this address for more information.

Anyone who contacts me by the end February and pays online within 24 hours of of learning how to do so will be eligible for $10 off the going price of $50 per limited-edition print. So, act now, and be sure to tell me that Spurge sent you to claim the discounted donation price!
So there's that. I like the idea of this collection, and I'm all for anything done in the name of the Hernandez Brothers, great American artists.
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