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November 12, 2013

Congratulations To Fantagraphics On Making Its Crowd-Funding Goal One Week After Its Initial Launch

imageI was very happy to see that Fantagraphics made it past its $150,000 goal earlier today in the crowd-funder they started to help facilitate their Spring/Summer 2014 publishing season. As I've written multiple times, my former employer is a virtuous company that can point to more than three decades of excellent output and corresponding goodwill as a result. In addition, that Kickstarter has been run in semi-awesome fashion: the incentives were fun, they were spread out to make for number of access points that served that company's broad readership, it was launched at smart time on the calendar and the press outreach was significant and wide-ranging. It should be interesting to see what they do to add value to their fund-raising via stretch goals and continued attention.

I have wondered and will continue to wonder about various implications of this crowd-funder and others like it, and I should by the end of this week be able to revisit some of those issues via a letter from the one alt-comics industry mainstay Robert Boyd -- or whatever this sentence should look like if I could write better sentences.
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