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November 24, 2009

Here Are Your Responses So Far Re: Best Superhero Comics Of The '00s


A lot of you were nice enough to write in suggestions to my list of the 83 Best Superhero Comics Of The '00s. I've placed your suggestions at the bottom of that post, and am repeating them here.


* a bunch of you corrected the phrase "series and trade(s)" on those series that didn't have them. I intended at first that that describe the kind of approach the publisher took as opposed to whether or not the trade was actually published, but I muddied the waters there and appreciate your corrections.

image* Williams Burns wrote in to say, "It's not an imperishable classic, but I'd say Incredible Hercules deserves a spot on a list of 83."

* John McCorkle wondered why I didn't include Captain America: What Price Glory, and suggested Startling Stories: Banner, Astonishing X-Men, Buffy Season 8, Captain Britain Omnibus, Orion, and Stormwatch: Team Achilles.

* Lee Leslie suggested one or more of the many Hellboy series; Casanova, Heavy Liquid, Northlanders, Scott Pilgrim, Conan and Y The Last Man.

* Chris Duffy risked my undying enmity by suggesting a book he worked on, Bizarro Comics. He also says "I also think for some reason Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers is important."

* a couple of you made suggestion lists that included so many books already on the list I didn't feel like sorting it out for you. I appreciate the effort, though.

* Mark Coale sent in a list of Agents of ATLAS, Wisdom, Incredible Hercules, Marvel Monsters, Hellcat, The Goon, Casanova, Batgirl: Year One, both runs of Detective Comics from Greg Rucka, Wonder Woman by Rucka, Checkmate by Rucka, Enemy Ace DC Archives, Green Arrow by Brad Meltzer, Starman Omnibuses, and then various kids comics by category.

* Chris Beckett enjoyed the list but suggested perhaps adding Nexus Archives.

* Don MacPherson wrote in to suggest, Irredeemable, Dr. Strange: The Oath, The Spirit #1-12, The Twelve, Secret Six Thor, The Incredible Hercules and Agents of Atlas Vol. 1.

* Philip Rippke sent in a note suggesting the consideration of Fantastic Four #51 to the renumbered #524 (27 issues), Iron Man: The Inevitable, Marvel Boy and Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman: Trinity.

* Matthew Wave suggests The Doom Patrol Archives and The Herbie Archives.

image* Kenny Penman wrote in to say we might consider giving the nod to Teen Titans Year One for Karl Kerschl's art the same way we revere runs of comics from previous decades for the art alone.

* Sean T. Collins wrote in to say I should maybe include the Hellboy stuff and books related to it, and says the Banner book is a better common than the same creative team's Cage.

* Jog suggests the "Soldier X version of Cable."

* John Vest recommends Steve Gerber's Countdown To Mystery.

* Cole Moore Odell wrote in suggesting Johnny Ryan's Marvel-related work and Jeff Parker's work generally.

* Marc-Oliver Frisch wrote in to suggest that CR consider Cable #97-107/Soldier X #1-8; The Hood, Blank Panther by Christopher Priest; Truth: Red, White & Black.

* Evan Dorkin likes Jack Staff.

* Steve Stwalley thinks it's not a good superhero list until it has some Flaming Carrot on it.

* Chad Nevett suggests the Casey-Phillips (and briefly, Dillon) run on WildCATS volume two as a supplement to the WildCATS 3.0 listing. He also thinks the last chapter of Casey and Adlard's Codeflesh makes the cut.

* Scott Puckett wants to know, "How is it that no one mentioned The Authority, Atomic Robo (not sure if that really hits the superhero genre), Demo, Global Frequency, Johns' Green Lantern run or Vaughan's Runaways?"

* Neil Kleid wrote in to yell at us: "How could you leave off the amazing Spider-Man: Tangled Web series? The Darwyn Cooke story alone should sell you if not the J Jonah Jameson story or Frog-man issues...!"

* Finally, David Welsh wrote in to suggest that original Agents Of Atlas mini-series and Empowered.

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