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June 23, 2010

DC Makes Digital Comics Announcements


As seemed pretty obvious a few weeks ago, it didn't take very long for one of the two big companies to make a major digital comics initiative announcement, one that includes a simultaneous day-and-date component paced arguably ahead of the traditional industry's comfort zone when it comes to completely embracing that kind of offering. Go here for DC's Digital Publishing announcement. It's a bit of a surprise from a comics-history perspective that it's DC instead of Marvel, and with DC going first you don't have the classic Marvel Goes First/DC Goes Immediately After/DC Figures Out What They Just Did dynamic, but digital comics publishing took a significant step forward today. As I think I stated when Marvel made their positive pursuit of digital programs known, the chances that the same-day programs expand are pretty good for the reason that any huge success enjoyed by the pilot program means probably program expansion to chase that success while a quiet plot program also drives companies towards expansion because worries of laying waste to the Direct Market become allayed.

Check out that "go here" link for the news. There will be a lot of instant analysis up that may or may not good; certainly the same initiatives will still be here 24, 36, 800 hours from now. I think it will be interesting to see the reaction. For now, CBR has the pride of place in the mainstream comics industry right now to rustle up two of the DC executives in charge for an interview -- as I'm still waiting to get to interview Diane Nelson, you're probably not going to hear from those gentlemen here.
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