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February 25, 2008

FreakAngels Week One: Warren Ellis' Webcomic Pulls In 75,000+ Vistors


The writer Warren Ellis has a (custom-designed for me) post up with statistics on the first week of his new webcomic FreakAngels. I have no idea what constitutes a good showing on-line, let alone what constitutes a good showing on-line for a first week, but the number provided sound impressive to me, and the work is almost certainly passing in front of more eyeballs than a similar print project would have under any conceivable scenario. Besides, as the post notes, I'm a fan of transparency and numbers where there's little leeway in interpretation other than suggesting they're all lies.

While "webcomics gets a lot of visitors" isn't really news, FreakAngels is worth watching from a publishing standpoint for a lot of reasons: 1) it's a stand-alone site with its own related messageboard, which distinguishes it from works that are parts of larger sites or on-line anthologies, 2) it's still rare for a writer of Ellis' stature in the print comics world to work on a webcomic, 3) I believe it's Avatar's first webcomics effort, too, and therefore important in that publisher's overall business plan, and 4) Ellis has a significant on-line presence that seems perfectly suited to draw attention to such a project.
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