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October 19, 2011

Go, Click: A Few Comics-Related Occupy Wall Street Links

imageThere haven't been a lot of proper comics links with a strong connection to the Occupy Wall Street protests, but there are probably enough now to make a short post of it. A couple of days back, CR ran a link to Daryl Cagle's post about Nate Beeler's resoundingly negative cartoons on the protesters. Cagle also offers a more standard cartoon round-up from the cartoonists in his digital syndicate, always a good place to take the temperature of a certain element of public opinion. Tomorrow this David Kearns set of sketchbook images from the New York City event shows up on this site as a Go, Look. Brigid Alverson has a smart post at Robot 6 about the presence of graphic novels in various libraries set up to support the movement. Two very smart writers about comics also chimed in with reactions. Anne Ishii has a semi-lengthy blog post here about her observations heading down to Wall Street. I've seen this photo of Tim Kreider -- also a cartoonist, of course -- holding up a sign with commentary featuring his recognizable lettering style in a lot of places that have no interest in comics at all.
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