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February 19, 2014

Go, Read: A Local Comics-Sold-At-Used-Bookstore Profile

I love local newspaper profiles; they are one of my favorite forms of writing. This piece on Peregrine Books in Prescott, Arizona, and the comics fan that maintains their comics section, I liked for a couple of reasons. One is that I have a fondness for the comics shop within a used bookstore because that's the kind of comics shop -- along with the now equally rare pawn shop comics shop -- that was around when I was a kid. It strikes me that offering that kind of service is daunting now because of the order demands, and having an involved reader handle that for a store seems like a good solution. Another is that I think it's important for there to be models that work in towns the size of Prescott (40K) and smaller towns have unique challenges. A third is that I am almost automatically fond of any store that eschews all back-issue pricing in favor of used bookstore pricing, in this case everything from before 2012 being a buck.
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