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December 4, 2012

Go, Read: Boing Boing's Best Damn Comics Of 2012 List


The popular site assembled a group of comics-interested people and put them to the task of making their list. This included Sean Pryor, Jess Smart Smiley, Jeremy Tinder, Douglas Wolk, JT Yost, Nate Powell, Jeff Newelt, Mari Naomi, Jordan Morris, Jeff Lemire, Rob Kirby, Bill Kartalopoulos, Tom Kaczynski, Brian Heater, Karen Green, Shaenon K. Garrity, Joe Keatinge, Will Dinski, Jeffrey Brown, Box Brown, Ryan Alexander-Tanner, Jimmy Aquino and Nick Abadzis. My apologies if I missed someone.

Those works receiving votes from multiple panelists:

* Are You My Mother?, Alison Bechdel (3)
* Barack Hussein Obama, Steven Weissman (4)
* Batman, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo (2)
* Building Stories, Chris Ware (8)
* By This Shall You Know Him, Jesse Jacobs (3)
* Cleveland, Harvey Pekar and Joseph Remnant (2)
* Goliath, Tom Gauld (2)
* Heads or Tails, Lilli Carré (4)
* Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me: a Graphic Memoir, Ellen Forney (2)
* My Friend Dahmer, Derf (3)
* No Straight Lines, edited by Justin Hall (2)
* Prophet, Brandon Graham, et al. (4)
* Suspect Device #2, edited by Josh Bayer (2)
* The Hypo, Noah Van Sciver (3)
* The Nao of Brown, Glyn Dillon (3)
* The Voyeurs, Gabrielle Bell (2)
* Zegas #2, Michel Fiffe (3)

There are a ton of reactions/descriptions by individual contributor available through that initial link; the piece also has its own set of order-ready links matched to titles. It looks like the whole thing was put together by Brian Heater.
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