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February 11, 2016

Go, Read: Dave Filipi On Films Adapted To Comics Form


Dave Filipi, who is the director of film/video at Wexner Center For The Arts here in my new hometown of Columbus is a great friend of comics and cartoonists. I'm not sure I've read him write on comics at any length, so I look forward to diving back into his piece on film adaptations for Film Comment after a cursory look this morning.

The stuff on the older adaptations is fascinating, particularly the idea of how scoring a Dell adaptation was a valued get by publicists because of the numbers involved, and how the production process of such comics meant that sometimes the comic would emphasize different scenes than the finished film.

Film adaptation are also something that I always think has a chance of being reinvigorated at different nexus points throughout the industry than the way it's done right now. I may be waiting forever, though. Without a lot of money involved it's hard to imagine some cartoonists taking those rare moments of freedom to work on their own stuff to pursue a gig that employs different skills in service, or at least related to, other artists' work. But all it takes is for someone to be creative enough to find a way that this is more regularly done.
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