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March 21, 2012

Go, Read: On Mark Waid's Digital Comics Efforts

It's my understanding that the writer Mark Waid turns 50 today; I suppose that's as good a time as any to mention that the established mainstream comics scribe is making a push into digital comics -- Chris Sims has a genial description of what this entails here. Waid is by far the first comics-maker to move into digital distribution of work, but I think he has enough of a name in the traditional comics realm -- his Daredevil run is well-regarded -- that certain people will pay attention to this a little more than they might otherwise. Waid's also a fine comics talker, and has been pushing the need for digital comics efforts since at least 2008 when I talked to him on a panel in Charlotte. The attention the effort will receive is likely to include a defense against absurd claims of abandoning the direct market of comics and hobby shops -- if it hasn't already -- but I think most people realize that most creators pursue a variety of projects on a variety of platforms and that they don't really approach their jobs in terms of which lunch table they feel the greatest need to sit the entirety of Senior Year.

More importantly, I think that someone like Waid getting involved and generating some press that way will put more models on the table from which other creators might potentially pick and choose. The recalcitrance of the mainstream comics companies in terms of endorsing specific models of digital publishing has made that a pretty wide open field, even more so than the technology dictates.
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