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October 4, 2013

Henry Payne No Longer Editorial Cartoonist For The Detroit News


The cartoonist Henry Payne will no longer be employed by the Detroit News to do local/regional editorial cartoons, Bill McGraw reports at Deadline Detroit. Payne will remain employed by the paper in its editorial department and will continue to do national and international work for his syndicate. The paper plans on using syndicated material on its pages, and that may include work from Payne. Payne has been at the publication since 1999, replacing the since passed away Draper Hill at the end of a lauded quarter-century run at the newspaper.

As I recall, Payne is mostly thought of as a conservative cartoonist whose work has, for instance, been critical of global warming, although I'm sure he's done work from a variety of political perspectives.

I'm saddened when a newspaper loses a local voice, both from the loss itself and the reminder that no one has really nailed down a way that cartoonists can be a part of whatever people hope that newspapers are going to be moving forward. I've always kind of resisted the idea that editorial cartoonists as a holdover into the post-television world were some sort of fluke outgrowth of newspaper's dominance of display advertising and the reliable profits that came with it, but a reduction in the field from the mid 300s to about 30 or 40 in a generation suggests that may have been true. Payne is in his early fifties. He worked in Charleston and for one of the wire services before replacing Hill.
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