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October 13, 2008

I Feel That I've Lived The Golden Life


I totally missed this Vanity Fair article on David Levine's situation. It seems that the master caricaturist has suffered from eyesight problems, the onset of which disrupted his relationship with the The New York Review of Books in a way that did not allow him to find a new style more suited to how he sees now. It's a long piece with a lot of fascinating issues raised, and well worth the time even if you don't consider a series of caricatures a comic and/or believe that cartooning and caricature are two distinct languages that should not be blended even for polite conversation's sake. If nothing else, the piece underscores the fragility of freelancing even for a very successful and relatively well-rewarded member of that fraternity.

This slideshow reminds us that Fantagraphics has a Levine book coming out on election day.

US Grant by Levine
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