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March 2, 2011

Bundled, Tossed, Untied And Stacked: A Publishing News Column


By Tom Spurgeon

* I've been looking forward to Wilfred Santiago's Roberto Clemente biography 21 for what seems like years now, maybe because it's actually been a couple of years. But you wait for the good ones.

* I have to imagine that most people reading this will want to see a few panels of Paying For It and read what Alan Moore had to say about Chester Brown's next comics effort. You can do that right here. You can see a massive jpeg of the new cover for The Death-Ray here.

image* according to a Facebook posting, part of Paul Grist's contribution to this month's Captain America anniversary issue will involve his cool-looking version of Baron Blood.

* DC Comics has made the Neil Gaiman/Jim Lee effort "100 Words" available today for digital download at a modest price point to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

* the writer Sean T. Collins picked up on some Zack Soto news I either missed altogether or underplayed: he plans a webcomic version of his fine indy superhero comic Secret Voice and a webcomics anthology bearing the name of his Studygroup 12 series.

* Joe Keatinge announced that he'll be writing about comic books for a French-language magazine with a strong interest in North American comics, Comic Box.

* well-regarded Marvel editor Steve Wacker talks about a move that I missed: that he'll be taking over their titles aimed at younger readers. I think there's an astute reading there as to some of the specific challenges working with books like that, and some of the assumptions concerning the act of making comics for a younger audience that may not all the way match up with reality.

* Boom! offers up details on what they'll be doing Peanuts-wise: a book based on a forthcoming animated special. That's not something that's going to interest the comics fan who is focused on the core work, but Peanuts has long existed outside of those parameter for a lot of people, maybe even the majority of people.

* the great R. Sikoryak sent out an e-mail saying that his one-page feature in the first Spongebob comic will be a recurring feature.

* cartoonist, industry advocate and writer about comics Jerry Robinson has a web site.

* finally, here's an interview with Mark Andrew Smith about the opportunities Kickstarter affords self-publishers. It's hard to deny the enormous benefit that having access to publishing funds through the offering of premiums provides self-published project.

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