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July 29, 2009

Bundled, Tossed, Untied and Stacked


By Tom Spurgeon

Here's what I have from recently that wasn't announced at CCI 2009:

* after seeing Bart Beaty's review of the French-language edition of Randall C's Slaapkoppen, Kenny Penman of Blank Slate wrote in to say that they'll be doing an English-language version of the book (see above) to be out well before Christmas.

image* I saw John Pham briefly at his studio on Monday. He's a little bit late -- although nowhere near comics-late -- with the second issue of his Sublife series from Fantagraphics, and the original art he showed me was really, really pretty. He's thinking November or early December for a release date.

* the creator of the great Cromartie High School, Eiji Nonaka, is apparently going to write a new series called Daburu Jei that started a week ago in Weekly Shonen Magazine. It will be drawn by Maru Asakura. Speaking of Nonaka, it's just plain mean that no one has stepped up to publish the last five volumes of Cromartie, one of the half-dozen best comedic comics of the decade.

* current cult favorite mainstream comics writer Paul Cornell will do a Black Widow Year One kind of thing to tie in with next summer's Iron Man 2.

* I missed this statement from Viz about a One Piece sales effort to mirror the Naruto one from years past. "Beginning in January 2010 and continuing through June 2010, five new One Piece manga volumes will be published each month, for a total of 30 new volumes. The new schedule will launch with volumes 24-28." Does One Piece sell well enough that anyone outside of the Viz offices think this does more good than potential harm? I don't get any sense of this army of One Piece fans out there wanting to drop $300 on a bunch in six months during a recession in addition to anything else they might want to do, but I could be wrong. It's a reasonably popular title. I'm confused.

* finally, the long-awaited Planetary #27 will be published this Fall. Click through the partial image below for a look at the full cover image. It's pretty.

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