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February 8, 2013

Go, Read: An Interview With Kurt Westergaard

There's a very charged interview here with the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, still living in fear of being murdered for a cartoon he did featuring the Prophet Muhammad with his turban turning into a bomb. There's a definite political thrust there that's pretty clear and not always articulated well by the cartoonist or his interviewer. I'm not sure exactly what's been lacking in terms of a response from Westergaard's point of view given the amount of protection he's received beyond just sort of wishing the world were different in a way that such insanity doesn't take place, or wishing a kind of bad fortune on those who do pursue these things. At the same time, and as much as I will always believe the provocative nature of the original stunt was deplorable and unnecessary and dangerous, that anyone is potentially murdered for the sake of an idea they expressed is awful beyond words and should never be tolerated in a free society.
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