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February 7, 2011

Go, Read: Excellent Local Cartoonist Profile Of Joe Daly

imageOne of the great, time-honored ways to do an article about comics and cartooning is what I call the "Local Cartoonist Profile," whereby an area talent is feted for their various accomplishments in a field of endeavor whose particulars aren't all the way familiar to the reading audience. It's the kind of thing that your mom's friends see. This profile of the sublimely talented South African cartoonist Joe Daly may set a record for the number of humorous lines that subvert the traditional promotional aspects of such a piece. The sub-head kind of gives you a taste of it. "Cartoonist Joe Daly has won a major international prize for his work, but he's still broke and living with his folks, he tells Sean O'Toole." At another point, the writer makes a point that the cartoonist "doesn't have lactating boobs" -- something I'll bet was never a part of a piece on Chester Gould -- while Daly describes himself as being potentially mildly autistic. As much as I enjoyed the article and the deflation of standard-issue pomposity that comes with it, it does make me wish for a stronger industry in terms of providing greater opportunities and support to talented, super-idiosyncratic and wholly devoted creators like Daly, whose second Dungeon Quest book will be out later this year. I feel so lucky to be living in an age where I get to have some guy all the way in South Africa entertain me as much as Daly has with his last couple of books, and I wish that we could do more as a readership to reward people like that.
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