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November 30, 2007

Marvel's DCU To End Their DVD Line; DC, Top Cow Divest From ZCult FM

Michael Sangiacomo, who occasionally covers comics from a strong mainstream American comics perspective for Cleveland print media, catches up with the makers of Marvel's DVD products, GIT Corp., who will end production and sales at the end of February. The reason given is Marvel's on-line initiative DCU. This suggests the confidence that Marvel has in DCU. My understanding is that while not something that engendered a lot of press, the DVD collections of complete runs of various had done pretty well for Marvel and for the retailers who developed that niche. They seem to have worked well enough for GIT to pinpoint possible future projects with other companies.

Meanwhile, the well-traveled news of yesterday is that DC Comics and Top Cow joined Marvel in asking ZCult FM to remove their works from their listings, a request with which the company has complied. That story is very interesting in a lot of ways for how it informs the general floating argument about illegal downloading, such as in how ZCult seems to perceive itself, so I'd recommend reading the whole thing.

Colleen Doran takes a test spin around Marvel's site.
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