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June 30, 2008

HeroesCon 2008: New Artcomics Panel With Harkham, Buenaventura, Nadel

What follows is some raw video footage taken at HeroesCon 2008, as I've been able to seize it from my cheap camera with the audio intact. I believe this is the full New Art Comics panel, from Saturday afternoon. The panelists are Alvin Buenaventura, Sammy Harkham and Dan Nadel.

They're chopped in very rough, (hopefully) overlapping fashion; I apologize for that, but given the tools on hand it's all I'm able to do.

One thing that's interesting about the following discussion is that while some of the time is given over to talking about retailers, this panel is different than most in that two of the panelists (Harkham, Nadel) operate retail establishments themselves.

video collected by Whit Spurgeon
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