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February 8, 2008

Random Comics New Story Round-Up

* it could just be my reading into it, but this feeling I got from this short article was less about the "Japan: Culture and Hyper Culture" exhibit and more a reminder of how important the world market has become to Japan's publishing companies.

* you should really go look at Seth's new New Yorker cover. It wouldn't be fair of me to republish the visual here.

image* like many artists, the cartoonist Olivier Taduc has a work blog. Unlike many such blogs of that type that I've seen, Taduc uses screen captures instead of scans to show his progress because he works digitally. via

* this piece at Editor & Publisher about a themed book from Zits makes me wonder if that popular feature has done themed books before. I can't tell. Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's strip has been very successful in both smaller, more immediate collections and larger collections, so this would make a third format.

* Del Rey's Tricia Narwani talks about how she ended up working in comics.

* this article at talks about the sale of Balloon Books, a company set up by Editions Dupuis to serve the Dutch market that has become a successful children's book publisher as well.

* gross

* is new of DC Comics securing another period of exclusive services from a writer as productive and key to the overall efforts as Geoff Johns worth noting. Despite my suspicion of exclusives and sell-outs in general, I think this one is probably worth a nod.

* the writer and critic Jeet Heer writes about language in Krazy Kat, which gets a pull-out from the Quick Hits post because of Krazy Kat being the greatest comic of all time and everything.

* judging from a few slightly worried e-mails I've received about what Stan Lee is up to these days, this standard POW! press release about a version of Stan Lee's Stripperella going into digital form for download by mobile phones may be the first release involving Lee that's been out there for while.

image* the long-time Fantagraphics presence Eric Reynolds has a ridiculously eclectic and cool original art and art-related oddities collection. He has begun posting samples here.

* the writer Tim O'Shea notes that March 1 marks the 10-year anniversary of the much-liked and well-respected comics writer and editor Archie Goodwin, and initiates a discussion about him.

* the comic site ComicMix has a small piece up on another well-loved mainstream American comic books industry figure, Marie Severin, and her full retirement since suffering a stroke last year as reported to the site by Clifford Meth.

* although I'm never quite convinced it's much of a story, if one at all, and the water gets muddied further when certain comic fans and pros treat snagging a hotel eight blocks away instead of one block away as a dramatic disaster on the same level of the potentially more interesting issue of a certain class of comics fan being frozen out of the Con entirely, there was plenty of spill-over talk about Wednesday's Comic-Con International hotel grab at places like The Beat and Bags and Boards. One solution floated by Tom McLean is moving this to a social networking site, which I don't quite understand but certainly sounds cool. Another potential solution being bandied about is to make people put down deposits which would eliminate double and triple reservation-making.

Showing excellent timing, the comics business news and analysis site has an interview up with CCI's David Glanzer about general issues swirling around their convention slate, as does Comic Book Talk Radio.

* it has kind of slipped my attention in these daily posts, but the letters pages of the newspaper serving the University of Georgia seems to run a lot of pieces discussing the comics they run and what is appropriate for a student-run paper.

* in one of those stories that makes you want to fly to the place in question and start punching people in the face, graphic novels in one school system will be scrutinized thanks to the anger of parents over a reading assignment. Where were my parents when I was forced to read Silas Marner?
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