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April 18, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* that forthcoming Anders Nilsen is one big book.

image* this post at Comics Alliance on comic book covers that use the logo as a design element within the comic art is deserving of its well linked-to status, and awfully cute besides.

* the writer and critic Chris Mautner picks the six best stories from the soon-to-fade young-artist focused anthology MOME; it's a good list, and I would have selected three of them for my own list including the first two. That Trondheim story in particular is a real hidden gem.

* fellow writers about comics should note how gracefully R. Fiore sweeps through that recent Joe Staton-draw Ayn Rand book in the latest installment of his revived "Funnybook Roulette" column.

* missed it: a John Porcellino interview about the business of publishing comics on the small scale.

* it's hard to imagine how you'd make the experience of buying some Brandon Graham original art any better, but benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund while doing so seems to me like it would do the job.

* the cartoonist Evan Dorkin uses the occasion of drawing the Marvel mutant character Peeper to go on a first class rant about second-tier character designs and the importance of a good name. I always liked characters like that, because it would make sense that over time villains would have good teams of accomplices and dopey ones.

* I'm glad to see Floating City Cassette-Head Guy from The Empire Strikes Back got the extra scenes he deserved in Marvel's Star Wars comic book.

* Chris Butcher passes along word that Taiyo Matsumoto is auctioning off a delicious-looking piece of art to benefit Japan earthquake relief.

* it appears they actually dance late nights at the European convention bars.

* I wasn't aware that Jean Schulz had an on-line outlet for her thoughts and experiences. The first several deal with her journey to a comics festival in Greece.

* longtime comics industry veteran Robert Boyd, now keeping his hand in as a more general arts writer in great city of Houston, Texas, is curating a show featuring work by Jim Woodring and Marc Bell and wants to talk to you about it.

* it's good to be the king.

* Paul Gravett talks to Lorenzo Mattotti. Reading Fires and Murmur back to back may be the most important experience of my comics-reading life that didn't involve narrative or story or even the overall impact of the work. There were individual pages in each of those albums that just killed me dead, flat-out, particularly the one in Murmur where the protagonist watches his now-dead mother from outsider of her window. A bunch of tumblers fell into place for me that day.

* finally, Sean T. Collins strongly suggests that you read Puke Force.
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