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April 26, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Smurfs to NBM, I guess?

* known to a generation of comics fans as "that weird label that suddenly showed up on Uncanny X-Men back in the day," the Eagle Awards invite your participation in their nominations process.

image* the longtime writer-about-comics Charles Hatfield offers up an essay on Blackest Night and why his son's comic book series isn't for him.

* I have a different aversion to the comic: I can't stomach the thought of reading any more stories about Green Lantern. Seriously. I firmly believe I've read my lifetime's allotment of Green Lantern stories the same way I've seen my lifetime's allotment of Becker and sat through more than enough South Pacific and never again should have to listen to anything by Bon Jovi. If I had known Mr. Space Cop With A Magic Ring would make this unlikely comeback, maybe I wouldn't have spent that Saturday afternoon in 1997 with a pile of the Dave Gibbons stuff. As it is, I break out into a cold sweat at the thought of catching up with the bulk of this material. I can't be the only one. I'm sure I'll get it done, because I should know and understand these comics, but I'm not unhappy to put it off for a while yet.

* Frank Santoro nails down an incidence of bizarre swiping from the rocker Glenn Danzig.

* I never really thought this was much of a story -- it felt more like rubber-necking than a news story to me -- but I'm glad to hear the story, such as it was, may have come to happy conclusion.

* I was going to say something snarky about the movie based on Mark Millar and John Romita JR's Kick-Ass not quite performing at the box office as expected, but it seems weird to make fun of people's failures that are more successful than my successes.

* one writer's imaginary Harvey Awards ballot.

* since the cartoonist Kate Beaton is new to comics, she points out that she may fall in love with a version of a character that may or may not be the most popular one. Funny strip results.

* well, yeah. Duh.

* in case you missed it over the weekend and aren't in the habit of scrolling down to the weekend material, there are individual posts available on the Stumptown Trophy Awards (big evening for Bearfight!, Boilerplate), the Maisie Kukoc Award (Sarah Oleksyk), and the graphic novel category winner at the LAT Book Prizes (Asterios Polyp). Congratulations to all the winners and all the nominees.

* Paul Gravett digs into Wilson.

* any details on the announcement that Hope Larson will be adapting A Wrinkle In Time would be welcome details for most comics readers and certainly would be for fans of the cartoonist's work.

* not comics at all: this may be the greatest pop-culture story ever, but only if you came out of a specific background. I think it should be made known that cartoonists value the amount of sex a fellow cartoonist is having when they ascribe value to a peer's reputation, if anyone wants to launch a similar program for the makers of funnybooks.

* one's alumni magazine is one of the underrated places a cartoonist's art can appear. This would be pretty cool, too.

* finally, if you were looking around for a non-comics comments thread reaction to last week's announcement of an openly gay character being added to the cast of the Archie comics, you could do worse than Atlantic Wire. It seems to me there's a pretty broad range of opinion on display there, including a post that purports to be from a reader who took some solace in what I imagine is the Chuck Clayton character. If you were looking for a summary article by a writer with nice hair, you can read Douglas Wolk at Salon.
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