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May 28, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Stripper's Guide has their first video up in a planned series.

image* the great Bob Levin sent along the link to this post from Greg Hoffman about working with Charles Schulz on a Billie Jean King book with tons of Snoopy illustrations.

* the retailer Mike Sterling goes to Hell so you don't have to.

* Sean Collins found this post from Team Secret Acres about what to do and what not to do with submitting to the publisher. As Sean points out, it would be good general advice if you Mad Libbed the proper nouns. There is nothing worse than the insistent arrogance of creative people that think they're not get the plaudits they deserve. The one that really hits me is being given stuff at shows. With flying what it is right now, it's really hard to carry on a bunch of comics without being charged in some fashion.

* never prouder to be a comics fan.

* not comics: Tony Curtis had one odd Hollywood career, in a time when you could still rip up and down the box office earner charts like a piece on a child's board game. This interview with him is pretty good, although it also underscores why cartoonists are better interviews than actors: they tend to be more articulate and thoughtful and ready to speak at length.

* Johnny Bacardi presents another episode of Weird Solicitation Copy Tales.

* Xaviar Xerexes looks at great webcomics finales.

* finally, behold the majesty that is the Jack Kirby Wal-Mart shorts.
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