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September 1, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Gina Gagliano shares a Sara Varon recipe for Sugared Flowers.

image* one of the great things about the major newspaper comics collection projects is that you look at a new volume, like this one in the Prince Valiant series, and you realize there is volume after volume of high-quality work to come.

* the always-interesting artist Ladronn draws the Incredible Hulk.

* if you have several minutes of free time today, like a coffee break, and you haven't tried Ryan Holmberg's manga column at TCJ yet, this installment is a fine entry point for its discussion of the industry's reaction to this year's major earthquake in Japan.

* Ty Templeton wishes R. Crumb a happy birthday.

* I guess bloody covers sell now?

* not comics: Alison Bechdel, maybe the one cartoonist most frequently linked to the state of Vermont, talks about the process of finding out exactly what happened to her region during the recent floods.

* Mark Evanier talks at some length about Chase Craig.

* Michael Cavna picks his favorites of the "visual responses" to the Ali Ferzat beating.

* not comics: I like that at 16 years old, George RR Martin was calling himself George RR Martin.

* I could totally believe this.

* CBR talks to the amazing Jaime Hernandez. Too Much To Dream engages Jim Woodring. NPR chats up Jim Lee. The Long And The Shortbox Of It! takes some time with Greg Rucka and Rick Burchett. TCJ Talkies has words with Tom Kaczysnki. AV Club Philadelphia spends a few moments with James Kochalka. Accidentally Pineapple assures us that Diana Tamblyn is both cheerful and slim.

* here's a Malinky Robot review round-up. Greg McElhatton dissects Americus. Rob Clough wrestles with Indestructible Universe Quarterly #6-7.

* finally, I had no idea there was a Hooked On Comix 3. I might have failed a test on Hooked On Comix 2.
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