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September 13, 2011

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Brigid Alverson on Mirabilis. Todd Klein on Dark Horse Presents #1. Oliver East on Justice League #1. Geoff Grogan on his all-time favorites. Chris Marshall on Blazing Combat. KC Carlson reviews a whole bunch of DC books. Kevin Pasquino reviews a gruesome-sounding Batman-related book. Brian Hibbs on first issues for Swamp Thing and Animal Man. Greg McElhatton on Batwing #1. Don MacPherson on O.M.A.C. #1. Sean Gaffney on Butterflies, Flowers Vol. 8.

image* I still regularly visit Andi Watson's sketchblog, I just don't really have a place right now to plug individual sketches.

* a new, dark horse contender for eventual long-term home for Wonder Con emerges.

* some leftover 9/11 links I didn't get around to using Sunday, when they were pertinent. Michael Buntag on In The Shadow Of No Towers. That book made this list of essential post-9/11 works. Here's a mention of the New Yorker's 10th anniversary cover, which recalls the iconic black-on-black cover from a decade ago. Here's an abstract for a much longer piece written by Kent Worcester, who wrote many a fine article for me years ago at The Comics Journal and has become even better since. Jim Borgman talks to Minnesota NPR about the strip comics cartoonists' effort to do 9/11-related cartoons on Sunday.

* if this cartooning thing doesn't work out, the cartoonist Brandon Graham should be hired by a major metropolitan newspaper to write their headlines.

* J. Caleb Mozzocco asserts that Batgirl is the least most positively reviewed of the new DC series launches thus far.

* Rob Clough profiles Max Mose. War Rocket Ajax has Jess Fink in as a guest. The Paris Review talks to Maurice Sendak.

* the Wright Awards are flattered by Dustin Harbin's account of the 2011 iteration, and recommend that you buy that mini.

image* Steven Brower writes about the dream comics of Jack Kirby, Mort Meskin and Joe Simon, worth it even if you just wanted to go to the post and stare at the art employed.

* not comics: I think X-Men: First Class would have been my favorite superhero movie when I was 14 years old because it's, you know, about stuff.

* not comics: on Joost Swarte off the page.

* Michael Cavna has a lot of material on how Garry Trudeau got to fold in material from an as-yet published book on Sarah Palin into Doonesbury dailies. Twitter is involved, and Trudeau's general orientation towards Palin as a political figure and as a source for humor is revealed.

* a bunch of folks sent me this link to Eric Orchard's visit to the all-kids comics shop Little Island Comics; Internet custom dictates I now apologize to whomever out there had it first in a prominent enough place folks saw it.

* Daryl Cagle on his first published cartoon.

* I'm all for this preview of a forthcoming Daredevil comic, if only it visually recalls the great Jack Kirby drawings of red African animals made completely from sound, some of my favorite panels from the King Of Comics during that comic book glory period. I also think it's smart for Marvel to bring in a creative team for a palate cleanser on that character after the super-dark, noir-influenced run stretching back to Brian Bendis' first few issues, and probably all the way back to whatever the last issue of the Kesel/Nord run was.

* Sam Henderson writes about seizures. The headline alone is worth the click-through.

* this is a cool photo of folks visiting the Library Of Congress on the front-end of SPX weekend.

* this may not be available for everyone to see, but Scott Shaw! posted that funky Frank Zappa/Marvel Comics ad over at Facebook. I'm also not sure everyone can see this call for academic papers related to comics.

* finally, if you have some time during a short break this morning and want to spend it reading, you couldn't do much better than Steve Bissette talking/ranting about people asking him to work for nothing.
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