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December 11, 2008

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the cartoonist and toy magnate Todd McFarlane has confirmed layoffs at the company designed to shepherd at least the latter into consistent profitability.

image* Brian Duffy was given a full page in an Iowan weekly to do whatever he wanted after being fired from his longtime position at the Des Moines Register. He's a lot classier than I would have been, that's for sure.

* here's a profile of Buenaventura Press. And here's one of Matt Fraction.

* I haven't caught up with the new Blog@Newsarama team, but I find it quite impressive that one of their number seems to be posting from a Usenet Group in 1996. (sorry, Matt.)

* finally, some not comics: Editor & Publisher discusses an intercepted memo from a future of newspapers in-house discussion being held at the Washington Post. I can't imagine there's anything new here and if you're cynical or hopeful about where newspapers eventually settle after this current freefall you're going to find stuff to set you off. But it's encouraging that newspapers are asking these sorts of questions rather than simply the ones that begin with them running around the office with their arms flailing above their heads and end with someone being shitcanned. Plus, I really liked that lady when she was in the Talking Heads.
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