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December 18, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* best of luck to Randal Jarrell, who is leaving Oni Press for a career and life change. He will initially serve in the US Army reserves while attending nursing school.

image* Dan Nadel notes that Robert Williams has been invited to participate in the 2010 Whitney Biennial and that this is a big deal because it's an invite from the people against which Williams and Juxtapoz have always been fighting, in a sense.

* it's an interview with John Byrne, but only about Uncanny X-Men.

* hooray (hooray!), hooray (hooray!), hooray (hooray!), hooray for Captain Easy!

* I haven't been paying to the Ed Brubaker-directed sidecar to the big, burly motorcycle that is the major Marvel Universe, but I've bookmarked this article for when I start doing that.

* there's nothing better than Richard Thompson's caricature of Beethoven.

* not comics: Joe Strupp at Editor & Publisher provides a list of top ten newspaper industry stories for 2009. There are a couple on here that are either straight up about comics (editorial cartoonist positions lost) or sort-of about comics (E&P itself closing down), but it's hard to get away from that 40,000 newspaper industry jobs lost in 2009. That's just brutal.

* Dustin Harbin is not only the latest cartoonist to open up an Etsy Store, he knows exactly what you should buy J. Chris Campbell.

* a Vertigo book with football in it would have done so much to heal the wounds of my divided high school.

* one of the great, little-discussed pleasure of the comics Internet is the Stan Sakai travelogue: here's the start of a new one.

* finally, Alan Gardner throws a spotlight on an article about cartoonists groups during difficult times.
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