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February 24, 2009

Viz Media Joins Other, Similar Companies In Early Recession Restructuring


This is fairly straightforward: Viz Media will lay some people off to better meet the expectations of the financial forecasts as North America and, well, the world moves deeper into the current recession. This makes them I think the third top ten comics company to formally announce such moves. VP and Shonen Jump Editor-In-Chief Marc Weidenbaum's departure has been confirmed but it's unclear if it's part of this initiative or something instigated by Weidenbaum or neither or both. Given the variety of revenue streams available to the company, the always-changing likelihood which streams will become a priority and the relative age of many of its best licenses in terms of being introduced to the market, these kind of moves actually make more sense to me than they do at some major corporations, where cutting payroll seems to be more of a book-balancing move. Not that my opinion on such matters holds all that much weight, really.
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