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November 8, 2013

Joey Manley, RIP

Various on-line avenues in the hands of those close to the world of on-line comics in which he was a significant figure are being used this morning to note and mourn the passing of Joey Manley. Manley passed away Thursday evening of causes related to pneumonia.

A one-time novelist, Manley was best known for the site Modern Tales but also any number of popular aggregate and publishing services facilitating webcomics culture: Serializer, Girlamatic, Graphic Smash, talkaboutcomics and Webcomics Nation among them. He was also an early podcast figure, again with a focus on webcomics culture and art.

Manley turned 48 in July. A full obituary should appear on this site next week. Our condolences to his partner, his family, his friends, the hundreds of comics-makers and tens of thousands of readers whose lives his touched.
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