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October 8, 2008

Jonathan Kent Dies: Superman's Father, Last Person On Earth Known As Pa

imageThis should hit the wires for papers to run in lieu of articles about the ongoing financial crisis or, I guess, news of their own firings. This seems weird to me, although admittedly I haven't read a Superman comic not for work since Neal Adams was doing the covers. I always liked the classic set-up where one presumes one was supposed to think that Clark Kent's parents dying was the sobering introduction of mortality into his young life, and that the limits that inevitable death represents a last step to his becoming the more-than-mortal Superman. While I guess keeping the parents alive made some sense due to the modern comics approach of stately soap opera, and to keep Superman off the sauce, this just seems to me to have no chance at all of being a significant development. It's like a professional wrestling swerve.
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