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August 4, 2013

Len Wein To LA Times: He Got A Check For The Wolverine


Here's the money quote: "Lucius Fox has earned me a great deal more money than Wolverine ever has, although I will say that for the latest film Marvel did send me a nice check."

I'm never sure why no one talks about these things openly. In some cases there are legal reasons; in other cases, it seems more like there is general fear of legal reasons maybe cropping up. Since it's more difficult to assert a positive formulation for talking, I guess that sort of answers the question. This was actually rumored about 10 weeks ago, I heard it from two different directions, although there was no confirmation coming from Wein or Marvel. So as I understand the scorecard now, Marvel is paying people, although not as much as DC, and maybe not for a lot of things, and DC probably isn't now that Paul Levitz is gone, except maybe they are if you fill out the right paperwork. Comics!

Don't get me wrong, though: it's good when a creator is paid for their work, especially when there is money to pay that creator. This is true when contracts favor the creator, and this is true when they don't but the company would like to favor the creator.

Len Wein is the character's co-creator. I'm not exactly sure how the detailed provenance works on that character -- I know that John Romita Sr. is often credited with the costume.
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