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April 19, 2009

Matt Maxwell Tells Me A Story

On Friday I joked that if I were at the Stumptown Comics Fest I'd make Matt Maxwell write me a five-minute story featuring the words "Judge," "Dredd," and "prom." He surprised me by sending in the following.


The punchbowl exploded. Twenty-five millimeter shell with thermoplas casing. Simulated raspberry vaporised, showering pockmarked and knock-kneed teenagers with a sticky mist. Dredd holstered his weapon, satisfied rictus tightening his lips.

"Something wrong, Judge?" asked Mrs. Jeffers. Tinkle of falling plastic shards, any of them sharp enough to cut someone by looking at them sideways.

"Too close. There should be a space of no less than eight inches between partners."

Aside from that, it was the quietest prom that anyone could remember.


Thanks, Matt. Judge Dredd copyright to the Judge Dredd copyright holder. Please follow Matt's blog and his serialized comic. If you're at a con and see him, he does this instead of sketching.
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