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February 21, 2011

Missed It: Latest Round Of Xeric Grant Winners

imageBack on February 8 the Xeric Foundation released the names of its latest round of grant recipients. A total of $31,158 went out to seven comic book projects, pushing the foundation's overall impact to over $2.4 million. The very first round of recipients came in September 1992. This year's winners are:

* Nick Maandag -- Streakers
* Melissa Mendes -- Freddy Stories
* John Martz -- Heaven All Day
* Kevin Mutch -- Fantastic Life
* Brendan Leach -- The Pterodactyl Hunters (in the Guilded City)
* Steve LeCouilliard -- Much the Miller's Son
* Benjamin Rivers -- Snow

For more information, you can always visit the group's web site.

The Xeric Foundation was established by Peter Laird to facilitate donations to western Massachusetts non-profits and to provide assistance to self-publishing comics creators. More information can be had at their web site. The next deadline is March 21 for review on May 1.

pictured: martz
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