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October 24, 2006

Missed It: LucasFilm Sends Cease- And-Desist Notice To Rich Stevens

It looks like the issue that drew LucasFilm Ltd's attention to Diesel Sweeties creator Rich Stevens is a selection of t-shirts by Stevens that LucasFilm believes reference trademarked Star Wars material, albeit in a slightly obtuse way in some cases. You can go here not just for the actual story but for links to the letter and a summary of Kieron Dwyer's related legal dance with Starbucks.

Some people see these issues purely in terms of free speech, although the distinctions that usually end up being in question are the use of trademarked things like logos, which tend to function more like intellectual property than a lot of items surrounding a film series and the like, and whether or not one should have the ability to sell the fruits of such appropriation, free speech-based or not. Plus it sucks wrangling with a giant, aggressive corporation, which ends it for a lot of people.
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