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September 22, 2009

More On Kirby Heirs & Copyrights

I'm still scrambling to understand the ramifications of the Kirby heirs seeking reclamation of copyrights related to their father, Jack Kirby. In the meantime, I'd suggest Kevin Melrose's catch that Spider-Man is included; Nat Gertler's post on how the reporting on this story, including some of it here, has kind of stunk; and the depressing and even angry complaints of fans in another Robot 6 thread bubbling up from what I believe is a heady combination of fear, fanboy entitlement and comics boosterism. The Spider-Man thing is likely to fuel the kinds of complaints in the third link, although I have no idea why. If I thought I deserved 1/1500th of Spider-Man, for the sake of my family I'd likely file whatever needed to be filed to get it and I can't imagine anyone not living off of a healthy trust fund or from a very peculiar and rigidly constructed set of ethics who wouldn't.
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