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June 17, 2013

One Article About Man Of Steel I Thought Interesting To Read

imageSo a new Superman movie opened on Friday and apparently a lot of people went to it and liked it. I'm glad for people to have entertaining movies to go watch; life is too short to suffer through dull, aggravating movies. I read a bunch of articles about the movie sitting around the house yesterday. I read about 50 reviews, but nothing I'd recommend as a cogent, insightful analysis of the film. I previously recommended the Mark Waid and Tom Scioli reaction pieces as entertaining articles, and I'll stand behind those links. I enjoyed reading my high school pals talk about it on Facebook.

One article I did find sort of fascinating was this piece at Mother Jones on the National Guard using Superman as a recruitment tool. I actually can't get to the piece now, so I'm not sure what the access rules are there. But the upshot is that Superman's owners brought in about 160 million dollars in pre-paid licensing arrangements for the film, and that one of those arrangements includes the National Guard using the idea of Superman to promote a super-soldier concept that will hopefully lead to recruitment.

My mother's half of the family has a significant military component, and I have a load of friends that either spent years in the military before moving onto other things or are still serving in the armed forces as career military. I don't have any special aversion to any career choice that involves National Guard service. I do find the use of Superman in that way kind of odd, though, even though I'm not sure I can articulate the specific nature of my feelings there. I am curious as to the dynamic between specific views of a character like Superman and the character's suitability for all kinds of marketing, though, including this kind.
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