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April 11, 2013

One Last Round Of News On The Saga #12 Saga

The writer Brian K. Vaughan released a statement -- The Beat has it here -- apologizing for a release he sent out regarding comiXology and the comic book Saga #12. That's kind of him, but I think it was wholly unnecessary. I hope people will take it in the spirit that it was offered rather than use it to grind on various talking points, but I'm not encouraged that will be the case.

I have to say, I seriously don't understand the attention to semantics with the way this story has wrapped up. I'm about as self-lacerating as they come, I wake up in the morning shouting "I'm sorry," but if Apple has a policy that led comiXology to interpret the content as inappropriate, I think that's a stupid policy and it's fine if Apple is made to own that. It's great to hear it was a overly conservative misinterpretation, and even greater to hear that the comic will be made available, but it's also shitty that it happened in the first place. It's not like this was pulled from the ether as some sort of phantom issue -- that comic was temporarily not available because of a policy that concerns itself with cartoon boners. That's bad.

Further, I think it's awesome that everyone paid close attention to this. It's an important issue given the dominance of certain players in that market, and there's no better use for journalism than to point at something that's wrong in a way that focuses attention on it until it's changed/rectified/readjusted. It may have been rectified without the extra attention, but I'm not sure we know that for certain. Mostly, though, anyone that interprets the clumsy negotiation of a potentially troubling content policy by a corporate entity as some sort of failure to make sure that the PR image of involved business is treated with some perceived level of demanded respect is a scary person. Fuck that. Question everything. Tiny boners 4-ever.

It also occurs to me that another way to look at this story is in part a tribute to how quickly Saga has swelled to first-class comics status.
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