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March 2, 2012

One Of The Very Best Cartoonists Seeking Patronage

Jim Woodring is one of the great cartoonists of his generation, and probably one or two generations on each side of his own. He's one of those cartoonists that raises one's estimation of the entire art form for him being it. "We have a Jim Woodring; what do you have?" You can make the case -- some, like Scott McCloud, have already done so -- that Woodring is such a singular talent that he may be remembered decades and centuries from now when most other comics-makers have long since faded from memory.

So there is every reason to take seriously a fundraising project initiated by Woodring in order to assist him in the completion of his next book, Fran, a follow-up to the exquisite Congress Of The Animals and another volume in a recent and slightly unexpected flurry of major works from the creator. I think the perks being offered are solid, but more importantly, I'd really like to see this book and it's worth buying a few less-good ones in order to help make this happen. I hope you'll consider joining me.
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