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November 14, 2016

Parade Extra: Mike Diana Documentary Footage

I guess they've been passing these around and now it's this site's turn to show some footage from the currently crowd-funding Mike Diana documentary, one of whose producers is friend-of-comics Caitlin McGurk. This one has a bit of everything: prosecutors, defense attorneys, Mike's Mom, old footage, new footage, reporters, stop-motion film, cartoonist witnesses.

It does seem like they're accepting the notion that Mike's work was really extreme but has to be protected so that other things less extreme don't lose their protection. Like I've written a dozen times, I've always seen Diana's stuff as crude, white-trash-acting-out kind of humor as opposed to something spiritually cold like Josh Simmons' work. However they play it, getting the issue back in front of eyeballs with a conservative takeover of federal government and a general emboldening of authoritarians, that has to be a good thing. I hope you'll educate yourself on the case no matter how you choose to support or not support the documentary.
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