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September 25, 2006

Platinum's Plans For Drunk Duck Site

imageThe New York Times is reporting that Scott Rosenberg's Platinum Studios, best known as the comics publisher that signed a massive development deal without going to the bother of publishing comics, may now publish some via its purchase last month of the Drunk Duck webcomics community site. As I recall, Platinum had announced that they would have a print project out by this December, and a blurb on their site's front page backs me up, and although I have no idea if this new endeavor changes those plans, the rough strategy seems to be go on-line with everything first.

The NYT article is little more than a couple of smashed together press releases and some color quotes. I can't imagine that Platinum's general strategy of hoovering up as much money as it can for the least amount of effort does anyone in a creative capacity the good they deserve, although maybe there's going to be actual investment in the DD site. If nothing else, if Platinum's come sniffing around, that's a vote of confidence in the web's ability to generate revenue through comics. Joey Manley has some notes about the piece from Drunk Duck's point of view.
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