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October 5, 2009

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* among the many interesting tidbits in this Berke Breathed interview kicking off Bloom County week at USA Today in one of those publicity campaigns I find slightly terrifying is that he corresponds with Harper Lee. That's a "for the win" bit of information that could get you through the anecdotal one-upsmanship phase of a dozen dinner parties.

* the writer and academic Charles Hatfield reminds us that ICAF is right around the corner.

image* the longtime comics web presence Johnny Bacardi is starting a short series of posts of on the fondly remembered DC comic book series of a quarter-century ago Thriller, which is great because he's the expert on all things Thriller. Note to Mr. Bacardi: Joe Casey once told me that Thriller was an important series in his development as a writer because it was one of the first books to open itself up for behind the scenes articles and coming attractions type pieces in a way that's common now. Is that true? Is it possible we can get a Johnny Bacardi round-up on fan press treatments of the series?

* the writer Sean T. Collins has praise for the photos available via the Hernandez Brothers' headquarters on Facebook.

* not comics: the impending release of Irwin Hasen's semi-autobiographical Loverboy will hopefully shine a spotlight on various incidents of cartoonists talking about their sexual escapades, as with Hasen in this newly resurfaced but still entertaining video.

* yeah, I don't understand DC at all.

image* the cartoonist Dash Shaw talks us through a Mainstream/Alternative panel at TCAF that he wasn't happy with at the time and seems only marginally happier about now. The nuggets he pulls out are pretty great -- it's always fun to hear Frank Santoro talk about artists like Kirby, and usually fun to hear cartoonists no matter who they might be talk about Krigstein -- and the commentary made during the walk-through compels one to dig a bit deeper than is usual with such a presentation.

* the longtime comics industry fixture Scott Edelman has posted an audio recording of Gahan Wilson's spotlight panel at SPX.

* finally, Bernie Mireault wrote me a long e-mail suggesting I draw attention to this limited animated piece he's done with his Jam character. Although I like many of Mireault's comics, I have to be honest: while I thought the basic idea was clever, I did not particularly enjoy reading the suggested piece and stopped about ten clicks in. It may be that I'm just not really a comics-plus guy; I'm a comics guy. Your mileage, of course, may vary greatly. Certainly Mireault, a vastly under-appreciated and talented cartoonist, is enthused about the end product.
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