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February 3, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* Sean Collins writes a report from the A Diary Of A Teenage Girl Attention-Raiser/Fund-Getter.

image* CR reader Kevin Tadge wrote in to point out a comic he doesn't know if anyone's talked about and I don't know, either. "This might be old news, but I haven't seen it talked about anywhere, ever... I found a Yuichi Yokoyama eComic that seems to be some sort of feature in an environmentalist thing... (I don't speak Japanese) Anyways, there's no dialogue, only his usual sound effects. Thought people might be interested..." Thank, Kevin. I'm happy to make it a re-run if this was all the rage several months ago.

* go here to see a wonderful-looking 1967 Greg Irons rock poster featuring the Marvel character Dr. Strange.

* one thing I forgot to say when I talked about promotional teaser images yesterday and how much I would have liked them as a kid: for some reason comics news sources seem to treat the release of such images as legitimate news way, way more than they do prose articles that say the exact same thing. I don't know exactly why that it is, but I'm guessing that's another reason why mainstream companies employ the strategy. I've long followed a rule suggested to me by a former co-worker that if it could be a newspaper story in the world in the comic book, it's probably not a story for me to run in the world where we read that comic book. Your mileage may vary.

* while I'm writing vaguely strident bullet points today, let me state for the record that CR isn't a PR platform for people to raise money to publish their comic books. I'll run news of charity sales, and I'll occasionally take note of a project that happens to be in the fundraising stage, and I could see myself doing something like taking note of a creator pursuing that kind of avenue for publication that were previously published in more traditional ways, but in general I can't turn this site into an avenue by which people facilitate their latest attempts to do the basic comic book publishing thing. It seems to me that way lies madness. Sincere good luck to everyone in their efforts and I hope to provide appropriate coverage further down the line, if you're not still totally mad at me.

* another Authors Meets The Critics episode featuring Fredric Wertham has surfaced.

* Meltdown Comics steals newspaper content. I haven't seen something stepping that far over the line in years. (via) Update: They've apparently changed it; owner Gaston Dominguez-Letelier took full responsibility. I didn't mean to be such a nag; I was just surprised by it! Meltdown is the only comic store in which I've spent more than $200 since 1994 and if they don't throw me out the moment they see me I'll still spend as much money as I can there.

* the retailer and comics blogger hall of famer Mike Sterling has way friendlier memories of this make-a-serious-face superhero comic than I do.

* finally, Alan David Doane will close down his dental emergency comics sale soon, and then where will you be?
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